MRASHMidwest Rural Agricultural Safety and Health Forum (annual conference)
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The Ministry of Water and Electricity (MOWE) plans to expand a water transmission line in Al Dabiya, Al Mrash, Al Dabiya, Badee Bin Houweit, Al Aradiyah, Faydat Al Ahamariyah, Badayea Al Ahmariyah, Al huleifah Aloulya, Al Zikra, Al Khafij, Al Houmad, Al Hamimah, Al Makhzouk, mayir Al Marir, Al Shouail at Al Mrash, Hail, Saudi Arabia.
Also in Najran, artillery force of the army and committees shelled Saudi soldiers' gatherings in Hamad Fort and Mrash censorship, while a mercenary was shot dead in Shaja'a site.
On Sunday, Mrash Tours and Travel launched direct flights to the northeastern county and is set offer trips on Tuesdays and Thursdays.