MRATMedical Radiobiology Advisory Team (US FEMA)
MRATMultidimensional Requirements Analysis Tool (software)
MRATmacroreentrant atrial tachycardia
MRATMedical Reasoning Aptitude Test (medical school entrance exam)
MRATMedium Range Anti-Tank Missile
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With CoreCell MRAT support, operators are able to reconfigure and reallocate processing resources to match network requirements.
Written originally on palm leaves with the Rakhine phonetics, it was taught by a Rakhine monk by the name of Thu Mrat of Theravada Buddhism in the early 14th century.
c) Compute the central score for the 10 motivational human values using the average score for the items that index each human value where they are centered by subtracting mRAT from the individuals' average scores.
Xsser mRAT exposes "virtually all" of a device's information,
The top half of Table 4 presents the results of OLS regressions of each of lnMLV, lnMIV, lnMCV and MRAT against lnHHY plus a constant.
Ingles Antg Antigua Angu Anguilla Baba Bahamas Bdos Barbados Brbu Barbuda BrVi British Virgin lslands Cara Caribbean Area Cayl Cayman Islands Dmca Dominica Gren Granada Guyn Guyana Jmca Jamaica Mrat Montserrat StKt St Kitts StLu St Lucia StVn St Vincent Trin Trinidad Frances Antg Antigua Angu Anguilla Baha Bahamas Bdos Barbados Brbu Barbuda Espanol CtRi Costa Rica Cuba Cuba PtRi Puerto Rico StDo Santo Domingo Venz Venezuela Jeanette Allsopp, Doctora, Profesora de University of the West Indies, Recinto de Cave Hill, Barbados.
Now MRAT chief executive Janet Davies has asked normally office-based managers to get back in uniform and help out with driving and paramedic duties.
- Modification of the local road at Dos Mrat and construction of a preset path on the main road to the PN Abbot Monnin
Deir Ezzor, SANA -- A mass grave was uncovered in Mrat town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor province containing tens of bodies of people who were killed by ISIS terrorists.
yDLyB (CyHAN)- Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces have detonated 40-tons of explosives under a checkpoint belonging to Bashar al-Assad regime at Idlib city's Mrat el-Nu'man district.
However, an MRAT spokesman said plans were now under discussion to expand the scheme across Liverpool to include a wider variety of locations, and possibly public transport, over the next three years.