MRBPMagna Range Bridge Plug (drilling equipment)
MRBPMortgage Revenue Bond Program (U.S. Bank; various locations)
MRBPMilwaukee River Basin Partnership (Milwaukee, WI)
MRBPMultiresponse Randomized Block Permutation
MRBPMovement-Related Brain Potentials
MRBPMichael R. Barnard Productions
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Blocked Multi-response Permutation Procedure (MRBP) was used to test whether species composition differed significantly between time periods (blocked by site) and was conducted with PC-ORD using Euclidean distance measure (McCune and Grace, 2002).
The ordination solution illustrated a variety of compositional trajectories in these coastal pine forests but overstory and understory composition did not differ significantly based on MRBP analysis (blocked by site; A = 0.047, P = 0.122).
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