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MRC1Macrophage Mannose Receptor
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Similarly, the human Claspin which has sequence homology to yeast Mrc1 was originally thought to be a mediator.
Metanalysis of 15,693 elderly patients with Systolic Hypertension Metanalysis of Systolic Hypertension Total Patients Average Age SHEP 4,736 72 SYST-EUR 4,695 70 SYST-CHINA 2,394 67 EWPHE 172 73 HEP 349 70 STOP 268 76 MRC1 428 62 MRC2 2,651 70 Table 4.
The passenger strand of miR-511 is the bioactive strand (miR-511-3p) which is encoded within the fifth intron of MRC1 (macrophage mannose receptor, CD206) gene.
In mice with chronic alcohol treatment, genes related with M1 phenotype such as TNF-[alpha], MCP1, and IL-1[beta] and genes associated with M2 macrophages such as Arg1, Mrc1, and IL-10 as well as the population of CD206(+)CD163(+) M2 macrophages were improved in the liver.
Via a large-scale genetic interaction map, Rfa1 has negative genetic interactions with Csm3, Mrc1, and Tof1 (2).
IL-4R[alpha]: IL-4 receptor alpha chain; [gamma]c: common gamma chain; IL-13R[alpha]1: IL-13 receptor alpha 1 chain; IL-13R[alpha]2: IL-13 receptor alpha 2 chain (sIL-13R[alpha]2, secreted form); STAT6: signal transducer and activator of transcription 6; Mrc1: mannose receptor (CD206); Argl: arginase 1; Chil3: chitinase-like 3 (Ym1); Retnla: resistin-like molecule alpha (Relm-[alpha]), Pdcd1lg2: programmed cell death 1 ligand 2 (PD-L2).