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MRCASMonetary Ration Credit Allowance System
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Abbreviations aa: Amino acids Ala: Alanine Asn: Asparagine bZIP: Basic leucine zipper DOG: Delay of germination Ile: Isoleucine Leu: Leucine MFMR: Multifunctional mosaic region MRCAs: Most recent common ancestors.
In a crowded segment of the Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA) market, the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) Golden Eagle family has achieved notable sales success, and the advanced jet trainer and light combat aircraft are set to contest further procurement competitions.
The Golden Eagle family includes three baseline versions; the T-50 Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT), TA-50 Lead-In Fighter Trainer (LIFT) and FA-50 Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA), and their variants.
"Previous research has indicated that the male MRCA lived much more recently than the female MRCA," Carlos Bustamante, PhD, senior author and a professor of genetics at Stanford, said.
Previous estimates for the male MRCA ranged from between 50,000 to 115,000 years ago.
In Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery (MRCAS 95), (Baltimore, Md., November 5-7, 1995), pp.
This analysis also suggests that the MRCA of these isolates existed in Peru with a probability of 98.7%.
These latter two aircraft were later intercepted just north of San Francisco and escorted away from US airspace by two United States Air Force (USAF) McDonnell Douglas/Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle MultiRole Combat Aircraft (MRCA).
The most recent common ancestor (MRCA) was estimated to be 1864 (95% HPD 18221904) for genotype D and 1877 (95% HPD 1836-1915) for genotype L on the basis of partial E2-E1 data.
Designed to home in on the transmissions of hostile ground-based air surveillance radars, the Texas Instruments AGM 45A/B family of air-to-surface ARMs received its combat debut courtesy of United States' Navy (USN) McDonnell Douglas A-4A/B/C Skyhawk Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA) during the United States' involvement in the Vietnam War between 1965 and 1975.
Because a reliable molecular clock dating existed for the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of the hCoV-OC43/bovine CoV pair (25), this date was set as a normal-distributed probabilistic prior within the published ranges (25) for calibration of all analyses.
Estimation of year of MRCA of EV-A71 subgenogroup C1v2015 lineage by using different enteroviruses * Year of MRCA (95% HPD interval) Node ([dagger]) Genomic region P1 3Dpol gene 1 ([double dagger]) 2013.6 (2013.2-2014.1) 2013.6 (2012.9-2014.3) 2 ([section]) 2010.2 (2009-2011.3) 2004.1 (2001.7-2006.2) 3 ([paragraph]) 2000.5 (2000.1-2001.6) ND Root 1986 (1984.7-1987.3) ND * EV-A71, enterovirus A71; HPD, highest probability density; MRCA, most recent common ancestor; ND, not done.