MRCMMaple Ridge Community Management (est. 1984; Canada)
MRCMMultiple Reduction Copy Machine (algorithm)
MRCMMaster Chief Machinery Repairman (Naval Rating)
MRCMMonitoring, Reconnaissance and CounterMeasures
MRCMMini Racing Club de Marigny (French radio controlled car club; Marigny, France)
MRCMMurmansk Regional Monitoring Centre
MRCMMedieval and Renaissance Choral Music
MRCMModified Rapid Colorimetric Method (chemistry)
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La disnea de las actividades de la vida diaria fue medida con la escala del MRcm, la cual establece una puntacion de 0 a 4 en funcion de que los sintomas se manifiesten solo en ejercicio maximo (0 puntos) o a esfuerzos minimos como vestirse (4 puntos).
O grau de dispneia nas atividades cotidianas foi mensurado pela MRCm. Nesse instrumento, quanto maior a pontuacao menor a tolerancia para realizar as atividades devido a dispneia (Bestall e colaboradores, 1999).
We focus solely on unstandardized beta coefficients in our MRCM. The b coefficients in Table 1 can be interpreted in the same way as unstandardized coefficients in a normal (fixed-effects) multiple regression, where the coefficient represents the extent to which each one-unit change in the predictor variable would lead to a corresponding x-unit change in the outcome variable, in this case SoC.
The MRCM 3500 Series product range encompasses four core products, all of which use software-radio and modular-hardware techniques.
The MRCM alliance was established in 2000 and its focus is to provide strategic co-operation between leading edge defence technology players, enabling each company to work in partnership with other members, while retaining its individual corporate identity.
MRCM, the exclusive collaboration between EADS ewation (Germany), Grintek Ewation (South Africa), Herley (USA), Sysdel (South Africa) and TRL Technology (UK) offers Electronic Warfare systems and products for the global defense market.
Alongside (it is assumed) supporting former DaimlerChrysler Aerospace products, EADS EWATION is a joint venture partner with South Africa's Grintek EWATION in the MRCM product line.
Provide Monitor Reconnaissance & Counter Measures (MRCM) products and solutions together with our MRCM partners; EADS Ewation, Grintek Ewation, Indra and Sysdel.
Again based at Ulm, EADS EWATION is teamed with South Africa's Grintek EWATION and supplies a range of equipment under the generic MRCM product line title.