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MRCSMember of the Royal College of Surgeons
MRCSMulti Rate Circuit Switching
MRCSSenior Chief Machinery Repairman (Naval Rating)
MRCSMulti-Rate Circuit Switching
MRCSMacaulay Research Consultancy Services, Ltd (UK)
MRCSMultiple Report Creation System
MRCSMonostatic Radar Cross-Section
MRCSMission Readiness Certification System
MRCSMachinery Room Control Station
MRCSMulti-Residential & Commercial Services (remodeling company; Atlanta, Georgia)
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"For many years, the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) has maintained friendly exchanges and close cooperation with the MRCS," Liang Huiling, standing vice president of the RCSC, said at the launching ceremony.
The MRCs have furthermore provided information on safe and legal migration to more than 25,000 potential, intending and outgoing migrants through orientation sessions in vocational and educational institutions.
Of the 244 patients in MRCS group, 217 patients had four previous CSs, 26 had five and 1 had seven previous CSs.
MRC volunteers can be a vital resource in times of need, being deployed to overwhelmed medical facilities (medical surge) or assisting the state in mass prophylaxis (e.g.
Ann Howard of Ridgeland is a physical therapist for MRC's spinal cord injury program.
shares of regulatory-restricted MRCS were redeemed pre-merger by
The analysis indicates that, despite the fact companies were no longer required to contribute as much to their pension plans as before MAP-21 was enacted, many made contributions higher than the MRC.
Mitochondrial genetic disorders are caused by defects in nuclear or mtDNA that affect the expression of the mtDNA-encoded mitochondrial respiratory complexes (MRCs) and the biosynthesis of the mtDNA-encoded polypeptides [8].
There was one important 1995 assessment (not a strategy) that analyzed our ability to sustain "simultaneously" two Major Regional Contingencies (MRCs).
2 The rural Market Resource Centers (MRCs) compile the farmers' offers and provide logistical services.
Vivek Sivarajan MB ChB MRCS MD FRCS Plast is a consultant plastic surgeon at Elanic Clinic, Bath Street, Glasgow - - call 0141 332 5106.
Portable pumps require the Q-1R and permanently mounted pumps require the S-1R MRCs to be accomplished.