MRCTMedical Research Council Technology (UK)
MRCTMassive Rotator Cuff Tear (shoulder injury; orthopedics)
MRCTMedical Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (EU)
MRCTMulti Ratio Current Transformer
MRCTMotor Root Conduction Time (neurology)
MRCTModified Ritchie Concentration Technique (intestinal diagnosis)
MRCTMultiplanar Reformatted Computerized Tomography (medical imaging)
MRCTMinimum Residual Corneal Thickness (ophthalmology)
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MRCT Benefits Plus has provided long-term benefits solutions to employers, individuals and brokers for over 25 years.
MRCT is Europe's largest stockholding distributors of valves to the oil, petrochemical, chemical, process and pharmaceutical industries.
We propose a new RFID anti-collision algorithm, MRCT in Section 4.
Through being active in seeking out vehicle technology that will enhance fuel efficiency and therefore reduce the company's carbon emissions, MRCT has been able to offer added value to its customers.
Under the terms of the agreement, vTv Therapeutics will operate a Phase two Multi-Regional Clinical Trial (MRCT) including sites in the United States and other regions in the Pacific Rim.
(1.) Souza MHT Stein Backes DS, Pereira AD, Ferreira CLL, Medeiros HMF, Marchiori MRCT Nivel de conhecimento de um grupo de idosos em relacao a Sindrome da Imunodeficiencia Adquirida.
British medical research charity MRC Technology (MRCT) and Belgian molecular diagnostics company Biocartis Group NV (EBR: BCART) have agreed a new partnership geared at developing selected molecular diagnostic tests, beginning with breast cancer, the two parties announced on Wednesday.
The UK-based artificial intelligence company and MRCT will work together to share confidential molecular disease targets to facilitate the creation of new compounds.