MRDGMinimum Requirements Decision Guide (Alaska)
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Since the beginning of the transient (t = 0 s), the load is powered from the main MRDG. SES of the hybrid DEPC plug for charging batteries and is preparing for a possible breakdown of the ship.
On the 40th second the vessel is de-energized and the system of power switches with power MRDG on ASE.
Taking into account that the degree of adjustment of charge of EDLC is insignificant in relation to the consumption of reactive power, and voltage and power converters with low harmonic creates a problem of recovery of electric power we can say that reactive power compensation occurs mainly due to the transfer of MRDG to the compensator mode by corresponding adjustment of PID compensators regulators.
Dependence of the specific fuel consumption of the load on MRDG and characteristics of propellers: 1-4--MRDG characteristics; 1--barrage; 2--loading; 3--loading with increased load rating; 4--loading with sequential turbocharging; 5-6--characteristics of propellers; 5--calculated; 6--on free water; 7--testing
Flowchart of control of hybrid SPP CPC by criterion of minimum power consumption: AVR--automatic voltage regulation; [X.sub.set]--setpoint; P--power;/- frequency of voltage; V--voltage; n--rotational speed of MRDG; [i.sub.exc]--generators excitation current; I--current of MRDG
Comparative characteristics of effective charge/discharge cycles of EDLC for proposed configuration of SPP CPC dynamic sources of power for two operating modes: fully equipped--4 MRDG (red solid line); partially equipped--3 MRDG (black dotted line)
Block diagram of the control strategy of SPP CPC by criterion of maximum regulation and alternative energy of the battery charge of the SES: AVR--automatic voltage regulation; VPP--variable pitch propeller; FPP--fixed pitch propeller; [X.sub.set]--setpoint; T -focus (torque); F--force of push the propeller; f--frequency of voltage; V- voltage; n--rotational speed of MRDG; [i.sub.exc]--generators excitation current; i--current; [[tau].sub.T]--resulting force vector projection onto the plane of the ship; [[alpha].sub.A]--angle of rotation relative to ship centreline