MRDLMaximum Residual Disinfectant Level
MRDLMedium Rate Data Link (computing)
MRDLMulti-Role Data Line
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He said MRDL not only striving for promotion of education no only in Saindak but in entire district and was committed to promote education in league with education department.
Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee (TfGMC), said: Firstly, Id like to place on record my thanks to MRDL for all their work and pay tribute to the staff who have played a crucial part in making the network what it is today a fantastic, world-class light rail system.
He said 'MRDL has been providing electricity, clean drinking water, health and educational facilities to people around its site, besides it all employees are being treated according to labor laws and the several development schemes have been completed in suburbs with CSR fund.'
He clarified that being local residents of Saindak they were happy with MRDL's performance and social benefits being served to masses.
Xhang said, 'Saindak Gold and Copper Project is a clear example of the exceptional Pakistan-China friendship and by the cooperation of both countries the MRDL has been moving toward success.'
MRDLs Chlorine 4.0 mg/L Chloramines 4.0 mg/L Chlorine dioxide 0.8 mg/L
Agitational workers chanted slogans against Chinese Company MRDL and its local administration for exploiting the workers by giving low salaries, halting medical and yearly allowances.
CHAGAI: Saindak based Chinese Company MRDL donated 8 lac rupees for District Sports Festival of Chagai and 3 lac rupees for Dalbandin Press Club.
Najeebullah Qambrani and Ali Raza Rind payed special thanks to MRDL for their support to healthy and positive activities in Chagai district.
Tenders are invited for (a): ohe modification in connection with proposed raising of pf no.2 and pf no.3 and 4 from low level to high level at bsdp station (part-i) & (b): provision of bonds and various types of caution boards in connection with provision of 03 bays rdso type pf shelters at bdpk station, 03 bays pf shelters at mrdl station and 04 bays pf shelters at ipm station (part-ii).
This component would finance strengthening the institutional capacity of the MRDL and its Unidad Desconcentrada Empoderar, in order to carry out the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of component one and two of the Project, including the establishment and operation of a project coordination team with regional branches responsible for the administrative, financial, procurement, social and environmental management, as well as audits, of the Project.