MRDPWMinistry of Regional Development and Public Works (Bulgaria)
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The MRDPW requirement was to offer lower-than-EU-wide prices, which, however, take into account our geographical situation.
it is necessary to select a provider of external telecommunication services in order to provide: - the continuity of working processes, - communication between the administrations both in the mrdpw system and with citizens, Business, State and municipal administration, Non-governmental organizations, Etc., - live video and broadcasting of events and video productions of the mrdpw, Required for the implementation of activities ensuring transparency of the decisions taken in the mrdpw system, Constant monitoring and evaluation of the implementation in the implementation of priority services and projects, A clear social effect, - network security services in compliance with the requirements and best practices for information security.
This does not exempt the state from responsibilities for social housing and the renewal of the existing fund to meet the commitments to the New Agenda for EU Cities and Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, the MRDPW message said.
Sofia Municipality is the main beneficiary of the programs managed by MRDPW with over 250 million leva, he said.
The first option proposed by the MRDPW is to be the capital city in the Southwest region, and the Northwest to extend from Vidin to Rousse.
Contract award notice: Provision of telecommunication services for the needs of mrdpw for 2 years with 2 detached positions (bulgaria-sofia: Telecommunication services)
This was announced by the press center of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW).
hygrometers with valid calibration certificates; (c) a set of road signs for the introduction of a temporary organization and traffic safety (osb) in carrying out the horizontal marking in accordance with the requirements of ordinance no 3 of 16.8.2010 on the temporary organization and safety of traffic in the construction and works on the roads and streets of mrdpw (promulgated sg no.
According to the Anticorruption Fund, which referred the authorities to the orders of the Association, 10 of their contracts were sanctioned by the MRDPW.
1 on the nomenclature of construction types of mrdpw. the building has been granted permission for construction 33 / 20.02.2019 on the basis of approved investment project in parts: architecture, geodesy and vertical planning, park development and public works, constructions, water supply and sewerage, electricity, hvac, energy efficiency, gasification, fire alarm system and fire safety, fire protection and fire safety.
the subject of the public procurement is the provision of post-warranty service of post warranty computer equipment, Owned by mrdpw - dg grao.