MRDRModified Relative Dose Response
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During the follow-up months, the MRDR test was performed in all women who consented.
The MRDR test involves giving an oral dose of 8.8 [micro]mol 3, 4-didehydroretinyl acetate dissolved in corn oil in the morning.
The variance ratio (F) was calculated for serum MRDR values and retinol concentrations in relation to subjects' treatment groups and time.
The number of women that agreed to baseline and at least one MRDR follow-up assessment was 61.
Vitamin A insufficiency is defined as a MRDR value [greater than or equal to] 0.060 and a public health problem exists when > 20% of a community has values [greater than or equal to] 0.060 [10].
The Ghanaian postpartum mothers had marginal liver reserves of vitamin A at baseline as assessed by the MRDR test, which is indirectly related to liver reserves.
The intervention group showed a steady decrease in their MRDR values over the three-month period, indicating an improvement in vitamin A liver reserves.
Although attrition occurred in both groups, the vegetable group maintained enough women to evaluate the vitamin A status using the MRDR test in a longitudinal study.
However, their MRDR values indicate that they have a depleted vitamin A status and will benefit from either supplementation or dietary strategies [11].
Because the women in this study were vitamin A-depleted as assessed by the MRDR test, conversion to retinol was probably favoured after absorption resulting in a high conversion rate.
The authors gratefully thank Rebecca Surles for her unselfish time spent in training on the appropriate analysis of the MRDR test in the Tanumihardjo laboratory and Peter Crump, UW-Madison College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Statistical Consulting Service, for providing statistical consultation.
[2.] Tanumihardjo SA, Muherdiyantiningsih, Permaesih D, Dahro AM, Muhilal, Karyadi D and JA Olson Assessment of the vitamin A status in lactating and nonlactating, nonpregnant Indonesian women by use of the modified-relative-dose- response (MRDR) test.