MRDTMortality Rate Doubling Time (aging populations)
MRDTMadurai Rural Development Transformation (Madurai, India)
MRDTMarket Rasen Development Trust (England, UK)
MRDTMarlborough Regional Development Trust (New Zealand)
MRDTMultiple Rates with Dated Tips
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Enter malaria rapid diagnostic tests (mRDTs)--small, reliable tools that enable accurate diagnosis in the most remote environments.
Of the 320 individuals tested for malaria infection, fifty-seven (17.8%) were positive for malaria by microscopy, whereas 155 (48.4%) were malaria positive by MRDT (Table 1).
The present study defined MRDT as all male reproductive birth defects reported in ToxRefDB and/or PubMed, as well as the sperm effects, histological effects, and tissue weight change reported exclusively in developmental studies in ToxRefDB.
Malaria infection was defined as a positive result by mRDT. Warning signs and severe dengue were defined according to guidelines of the World Health Organization (9).
[13.] Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, MRDT, 'Comunicat de presa din data de 11 martie 2012: Raport INCDT: Germanii, italienii si francezii, turistii straini care viziteaza cel mai mult Romania', 2012, [Online] available at comunicare/presa/comunicate/ raport-incdt-germanii-italienii-si-francezii-turistii-straini-care-viziteaza-cel-mai-mult-romania, accessed on October 10, 2012.
The MRDT directly addresses the need to ensure adequate and sustainable global investment in medical R&D forcing inappropriate patent and pricing requirements.
(73) See "Medical Research and Development Treaty (MRDT), Discussion Draft 4," January 2005, art.
The basic premise underlying the MRDT is that we need more than the patent system's promise of highly profitable sales to spur pharmaceutical research and development.
The TGA-derived parameters (i.e., [D.sub.0.1], [D.sub.1/2], MRDT, Ea, and residue content (%)) were determined.
Under a Gompertz model, the slope, b, of a plot of ln [Mu] against time gives the rate of change in mortality and can be used to calculate mortality rate doubling time (MRDT; Finch et al.
The MRDT selected for the demonstration was the ICT malaria Pf cassette by ICT Diagnostics, which meets the recommended selection criteria for malaria rapid diagnostic tests as published by the World Health Organization [26].