MREEMiddle Rare Earth Elements (geology)
MREEMeasured Resting Energy Expenditure (biostatistics)
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There is no visible enrichment in MREE ('bell-shaped' patterns), which suggests good preservation of the 'early' REE signal, with major REE incorporation mainly via adsorption mechanism and during early stages of diagenesis (Trueman & Tuross 2002; Lecuyer et al.
The REE distribution in the whole rock is similar to that of the PAAS, except for a slight enrichment in MREEs (Sm-Tb) and a depletion in HREEs (Dy-Lu) (Figure 4).
desulfuricans MreE Escherichia coli thioredoxin reductase (1CL0) Thioredoxin Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough thioredoxin (2L6C) MreG Pyrococcus furiosus 2-keto acid:ferredoxin oxidoreductase subunit alpha (1YD7) T.
One could also speculate that the co-appearance of MREE depleted patterns and enhanced U, V and Mo abundances in GA from the Saka outcrop might indicate that those enriched elements were affected by the same redistribution processes which resulted in the formation of MREE depleted patterns.
The REE pattern for green saprolite (U-II/3) shows inherited trend after phonolite, but the negative anomaly in MREE becomes prominent (Gd/[Gd.sup.*] = 0.05-0.03).
Por otra parte, en la Ec, hubo una inversion del efecto de la magnitud del reforzamiento en la extincion (MREE) y del efecto de reforzamiento parcial en la extincion (PREE).
Ulrych et al., 2000), indicating an enrichment in LREE, strong depletion in MREE and a slight enrichment in HREE.
The difference in means between measured resting energy expenditure (MREE) and predicted resting energy expenditure (PREE) were compared using a paired t-test.
9a, 9b, 9c and 9d), most samples from Campobello Island define fairly consistent, straight profiles with moderate light-rare-earth element (LREE) and middle-rare-earth element (MREE) enrichment.
HIGH MARKS: Marie Hsiao (artist name Mree), of Taiwanese and Bulgarian descent, began writing her own songs at age 15.
It shows highly enriched chondrite normalized LREE and MREE ([[La/Sm].sub.N] about 1.88 to 8.58) and lower flat heavy (HREE).