MREGMaryland Real Estate Group
MREGMekong Regional Environmental Governance
MREGMacquarie Real Estate Group (Narromine, New South Wales, Australia)
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MREG and Benenson are now partners in the development of a new 8-story, 134,000 gross square foot, mixed use building housing 114 apartments and 15,400 square feet of ground floor retail space.
T indiensis also contained a protein indolepyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase which was structurally similar to Desulfovibrio pyruvate ferredoxin/flavodoxin oxidoreductase MreG (PDBeFold: Z = 10.17, rmsd = 1.19; DaliLite: Z = 25.1, rmsd = 1.6).
desulfuricans MreE Escherichia coli thioredoxin reductase (1CL0) Thioredoxin Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough thioredoxin (2L6C) MreG Pyrococcus furiosus 2-keto acid:ferredoxin oxidoreductase subunit alpha (1YD7) T.
MREG invests capital in a variety of real estate strategies for the Mack Family, as well as partnering with institutional investors and high net worth individuals.