MREITMagnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography (biomedical engineering)
MREITMortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts
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Verbal testimonies of subject phosphene perceptions were recorded during MREIT imaging procedures, while subjects were still within the MR scanner with the room lights off in all sessions.
On the 6th week after administration, animals were sacrificed and their liver blocks were resected for the MREIT imaging experiments and for biochemical evaluations, such as tests of inflammatory indicator levels and staining data (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).
MREIT returns have been flat so far during July, but on a year-to-date basis, returns have measured 17.40%, according to NAREIT.
Beyond these market-imposed limitations, an mREIT's payouts, investments, and management and ownership structures must meet a set of requirements found in the federal tax code (see Table 2) in order to ensure that its income is not taxed.
Maximum Mimimum FI 0.37 9.21 40.54 -28.41 BANK 0.57 8.23 41.67 -28.43 INSUR 0.61 8.81 39.79 -30.57 MKT 0.52 8.77 40.52 -29.10 BOND -0.28 5.48 26.42 -16.74 PRICE 0.38 7.92 35.00 -39.36 EREIT 0.05 8.31 27.83 -30.91 MREIT -0.75 10.03 49.66 -40.94 Correlation Matrix FI BANK INSUR MKT BOND PRICE EREIT FI 1.00 BANK 0.94 1.00 INSUR 0.97 0.93 1.00 MKT 0.89 0.88 0.88 1.00 BOND 0.61 0.70 0.66 0.71 1.00 PRICE 0.69 0.71 0.71 0.70 0.71 1.00 EREIT 0.88 0.89 0.88 0.91 0.71 0.72 1.00 MREIT 0.86 0.87 0.85 0.88 0.69 0.70 0.90 Notes: FI = Monthly percentage changes in S&P Financial Stock Index minus T-bill rate.
Despite the sector's small size, the mREIT sector has grown rapidly from a market capitalization of $43 billion at the end of 2011 to $59 billion at the end of 2012.
The FTSE Nareit All REITs Index, which comprises mREITs and equity REITs, delivered a total return of 9.3% for the year with a 2.4% gain for the fourth quarter.
The loss of FHLB funding is a modest long-term credit negative for MREITS, but the five-year phase-out for those obtaining funding prior to September 2014 provides existing borrowers with significant time to find replacement funding.
Certain mREITs have established captive insurance subsidiaries in recent years as a means of gaining FHLB membership and improving the diversity, duration and cost of their funding.
Commercial mortgage real estate investment trusts (mREITs) play an increasing role in the overall market for commercial real estate (CRE) lending, analysts say.
The data composed of an overall REIT index (ALLREITs) and three sub-indexes: (1) Equity REITs (EREITs), (2) Mortgage REITs (MREITs) and (3) Hybrid REITs (HREITs).