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MREMMultiresolution Regularized Expectation Maximization (algorithm; astrophysics)
MREMMiramar Real Estate Management, Inc. (est. 1999; Miramar, FL)
MREMMinorities in Recycling and Environmental Management
MREMMAS (Master of Advanced Studies) Real Estate Management (Switzerland)
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Al concluir la actividad y someterse a una medicion, Rodriguez reporto niveles de 240 mrem y una rapidez de dosis de 7 mil 600 mrem/hr.
With all this in mind, here are reassuring facts about flying: Airport scanners deliver only l/1000th of an mrem. The flight itself is a little more concerning, because the higher you go, the more cosmic radiation you encounter.
When doses reach up to 100,000 mrem in a single exposure, cells cannot repair as quickly, resulting in cellular death or permanently altered structures.
Plumes show contamination at four dose levels: 15, 30, 100, and 500 millirem (mrem) per year.
Thus, in our article, we should have either listed doses in terms of effective dose (using Sv or mrem) or in terms of organ dose (using Gy or mrad).
Debe tenerse en cuenta que la dosis efectiva anual individual, por razones naturales, es de unos 2.5 mSv (250 mrem).
A full mouth series with 20 radiographs is estimated to deliver <1 mrem. During pregnancy the mother typically receives about 75mrem from naturally occurring radiation.
To put the risk in perspective, firefighters responding to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster received 70,000 to 1,340,000 mrem of radiation.
The film in badges is sensitive to doses ranging from 0.1 mSv (10 mrem) to 5000 mSv (500 rem).
Our exposure ranges from 200 mRem inhaled annually from radon in the atmosphere to 10mRem annually from TVs and smoke detectors, according to Christensen's Physics of Diagnostic Radiology.
La Region Puna que se extiende desde los 4000 a los 48000 metros sobre el nivel del mar arroja un promedio de 515.0 nSv/h calculandose 4.5114 mSv/ ano resultados menores a los encontrados en determinadas localidades de la Republica Popular China, donde se ha calculado una dosis efectiva anual de 6.4 mSv (640 mrem), indicandose ademas los niveles altos de aberraciones cromosomicas en las personas que viven en grandes alturas (Wei, 2 000).
The EPA ruled that during its first 10,000 years, the YM repository must ensure that no individual in the adjoining Armagosa Valley would be exposed to more than 15 millirems (mrem) of radiation per year from use of the groundwater.