MRFTAMonopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act
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Treaty, (17) Germany's Act against Restraints of Competition (ARC), (18) Japan's Antimonopoly and Maintenance of Fair Trade Act (AMFTA), (19) Taiwan's Fair Trade Act (TFTA), (20) and Korea's Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act (MRFTA).
The ten percent exemption appears to derive from article 4 of South Korea's MRFTA, which establishes a presumption of dominance where "the total market share of not less than three enterprises is 75/100 or more, provided that those whose market share is less than 10/100 shall be excluded." (201) However, given the percentages set for the presumptions of collective dominance, the ten percent exemption matters only where the top two firms' combined market share falls in the narrow 1.6% range between 65% (where the addition of a third firm with a market share of 10% would otherwise trigger a presumption of dominance for the two leading firms by raising the three-firm market share to 75%) and 66.6% (where the presumption of dominance by the two leading firms applies anyway).