MRGCMaritime Radiocommunications General Certificate (UK)
MRGCManufacturing Resources Group of Companies (Canada)
MRGCMonash Research Graduate Centre (Monash University; Australia)
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subtilis preceding a metallo-regulated gene (mrgC) and the fhuD operon originally led to the suggestion that a Fur homologue might regulate iron uptake functions in B.
mCN-destruido = mRGC.CCN-RGC--MRGC-cinza.CCN-cinza (1) onde mCN-destruido e a quantidade de cianeto destruido na gaseificacao (ppm); mRGC e a massa de RGC alimentada no processo (kg); CCN-RGC e a concentracao do cianeto no RGC alimentado no processo (ppm); mRGC-cinza e a massa da cinza produzida a partir da gaseificacao do RGC (Kg); e CCN=cinza e a concentracao do cianeto na cinza gerada a parir do RGC (ppm).
The melanopsin-containing retinal ganglion cells (mRGCs) respond to depolarization regardless of visual input from conventional photoreceptors of the outer retina, and they have projections to the olivary pretectal nucleus and Edinger-Westphal nucleus in the midbrain and play a role in the pupil light response [11, 12].