MRGOMississippi River Gulf Outlet
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The Federal Circuit said that the lower-court ruling was incorrectly based on the inaction of the Corps to reduce the effects of the MRGO, rather than the actions it affirmatively took.
It is the court's opinion that the negligence of the Corps, in this instance by failing to maintain the MRGO properly, was not policy, but insouciance, myopia and short-sightedness.
11), unfavorable HSI values fall over the private leases and public reefs east of the Mississippi River and west of the MRGO (Fig.
The six plaintiffs sued the government under the Federal Tort Claims Act, alleging that damages caused by the catastrophic flooding in areas surrounding the MRGO were foreseeable.
Hurricane Katrina's storm surge also proceeded from the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Borgne up the MRGO Canal to the Industrial Canal in the heart of New Orleans.
The MRGO has been closed to deep draft ships since Katrina sent water surging into neighborhoods along the Industrial Canal last Aug.
Levees that were built along the side of the MRGO, in order to help prevent flooding, served as a funnel for Hurricane Katrina, which allowed water to build up within those levees.
At one of these places (1.173.2), asna is connected with mrga, and may be a derivation of as 'to eat': arcad vrsa vrsabhih sveduhavyair mrgo nasno ati yaj juguryat "May the bull (Indra) sing together with the bulls (the priests) who offer sweat, that he may drown out (or shout down) (all others) like a ravenous wild animal" (cf.
the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO), formerly "a shipping
United States, (173) a large group of homeowners in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans sued the Army Corps of Engineers on a theory of a "continuous physical process taking," stating that the creation and maintenance of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) lead to ongoing erosion and saltwater intrusion that resulted in damage after Hurricane Katrina and continues to threaten their property.