MRHLManual Reset High Limit (heating)
MRHLMississauga Roller Hockey League (Brampton, Canada)
MRHLManhattan Roller Hockey League (New York)
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However, MRHL, as determined by averaging lengths over the 0.5- to 0.7-cm zone immediately above the zone of roothair elongation, varied with changes in solution pH and Ca.
Bulk solution pH and Ca concentrations had a profound but complex effect on MRHL, whereas bulk solution Al concentrations had little effect on MRHL in the second experiment (Table 2).
Increasing bulk solution Al concentration up to 24 [micro]M Al at pH 4.5 and 0.4 mM Ca had little effect on MRHL (Fig.
Analysis of variance indicated that DE and liming treatments significantly affected primary root length and DE significantly affected lengths of the roothair elongation zone and rootcap and MRHL (Table 3).
The number of roothairs 10 DE were recorded along the 0.7 cm edge of the root immediately behind the zone of roothair elongation, as well as MRHL. No significant differences were found among the liming treatments for either number of roothairs or MRHL (Table 5).