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A security official said that the kidnappers are demanding the release two members of a tribe in Mrib, who were arrested in a military hospital in Sana'a four months ago.
The blast stopped flows from the Mrib fields to the Ras Isa oil terminal on the Red Sea, from which crude is shipped to Yemen's main refinery in Aden.
The goal of the MRIB is to organize, integrate and provide easy access to information about the coastal and marine environments, while preserving the scientific integrity of the information offered.
In the MRIB, the learning spaces are highly developed.
Organizational challenges include establishing protocols to define the roles and responsibilities of the MRIB librarian, as opposed to those left to the information curators.
Eight people, including four members of Al Qaeda, were killed in Yemen's Mrib province on Sunday during a clash between tribesmen and miltants.
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) notorious for being the most active and dangerous branch of the militant Sunni group, is active in Mrib, east of San, as well as in other provinces in south and east Yemen, despite repeated army offensives designed to weaken the group.
| SAN, Sept 22 (KUNA) -- Eight tribesmen and Al-Qaeda militants were killed in clashes in Obadiah Valley in the northeast Mrib province on Sunday.
Mrib province is considered one of the Al-Qaeda active areas in the country.
The attack in the central Mrib province, which came after a tribe threatened to blow up the pipeline after a siege on a tribal leader's house by security forces, set the pipeline on fire, the sources said.
Earlier this month, the military launched a major offensive against tribesmen suspected of repeatedly blowing up the Mrib pipeline and attacking power lines.
Major-General Nasser Mahdi Farid, chief of staff for Yemen's central military region, was killed along with 16 other soldiers and officers in the ambush, which took place on Saturday while an army patrol inspected a pipeline in Wadi Obaida area of oil-producing Mrib province.