MRIIMarketing Research Institute International (St. Louis, MO)
MRIIMimbar Reformed Injili Indonesia (Indonesian: Reformed Evangelical Pulpit Indonesia; Los Angeles, CA)
MRIIMedical Representatives Institute of Ireland (est. 1982)
MRIIMissouri Rural Innovation Institute
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The free water can be drawn from MRII outlets from 6 a.m.
He hopes other water provid-ers in Cebu would also offer free water in other El Nino-affected areas not served by MRII.
The supply and installation of the 32.4-kilowatt solar-energy system will power MRII's plant in Mactan, the MRII Demi Plant located in Barangay Suba Maslog.
MRII Chairman Antonio Tompar said this move may be duplicated in all the company's plants nationwide.
For a 15-year period, the solar-panel investment of MRII would give them an estimate of P4.5-million, power-cost savings.
Also, it is important to note that not all members of the SGU in MRII under the command of Major General Vang Pao were Hmong.
CRAFTSMANSHIP GRIP ERGONOMICS FINISH DRAW CYCLE RECOIL *** *** *** *** *** MRII riser, Small throat Vibra Flex A smooth Minimal Vibra Damp and low wrist Armor coated draw with a vibration Limb Pockets limbs comfortable let-off CRAFTSMANSHIP SHOT NOISE TOTAL *** *** *** MRII riser, Quiet An excellent hunting Vibra Damp bow for shooters using Limb Pockets a release and preferring reflexed designs
It reminded me of the battle between the forces of the Second Military Region (MRII) commanded by former Major General Vang Pao, and the Pathet Lao in April 1975; this battle was the last battle.