MRIPMarine Recreational Information Program (US NOAA)
MRIPMultiple Replications In Parallel (stochastic simulation)
MRIPMassachusetts Resource Identification Project
MRIPMichigan Resource Inventory Program
MRIPMoscow Research Institute of Psychiatry
MRIPMost Reliable Independent Position
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There were 15,638 MRIP angler intercept interviews between March and December of 2009 in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia where anglers were asked if they would participate in a follow-up mail survey.
Data generated by the new MRIP showed recreational red snapper landings of 9 million pounds during a 49-day season, whereas in 2012, anglers landed a little over 5 million pounds in a 46-day season.
"MRIP data was not that informative, showing more of a flat trend."
(8) Some industry analysts believe the original MRIP figure may have been overestimated.
By fall of 2008, a new agency to tackle this took the stage: the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP).
"The MRFSS surveys clearly weren't providing what was needed," acknowledged Gordon Colvin, MRIP's program manager.
Colvin said that the first mission of MRIP is to improve the survey methods, followed by expanding the sample sizes and reducing bias.
Under MRIP, phone calls will be targeted directly to coastal anglers by way of the National Saltwater Angler Registry, in which all those who hold a fishing license are automatically included.
Colvin insists that will be corrected with MRIP via fewer interviewer options and a more rigorous process of selecting representative sites.
MRIP is a noble effort and will merit applause if improvements result in estimates of recreational effort and catches in federal waters.
Anglers' reports, through the NMFS HMS tournament and non-tournament programs, the Large Pelagic Survey, the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP) and the catch card programs in Maryland and North Carolina, are the means for accumulating recreational landings data for this species, says Blankinship.
* HIPS1 HIPS-0.025 H1PS-0.10 HIPS-1.0 Silver content (wt%) 0.00 0.025 0.10 1.00 Grafting density (Nt*) 1.20 0.89 0.80 NA Mrips free at PI (kg/mol) 81 101 90 NA Nevertheless, it is apparent that for 0.025 and 0.1 wt% silver concentration, the PI during the bulk polymerization stage of the HIPS/silver nanocomposites occurs within the same range as that reported for the blank HIPS (between 27 and 34% monomer conversion and between 135-180 min of reaction time).