MRIVMachine Readable Immigrant Visa
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[44] studied the effects of RLX on BD calculated by a semiquantitative thresholding technique and MRI-breast volume (MRIV).
Mriv said that the lands to be given to the PNA will be at a distance from the fast growing Israeli colonies in the West Bank and also far from the route of the Israeli separation barrier.
Israel has started planning the procedures of setting up the wall, reported Mriv, noting that the reason of building it is a result of Netanyahu's fear of Syrian refugees entering the West Bank via Jordan.
Mriv daily quoted an Israeli commander in the north of the country as warning that "if one of these shells causes an (Israeli) casualty, the response will be different."
Netanyahu has said he would not accept a return to the borders of before the 1967 Middle East war, and on Monday a high-ranking political official told Israel's Mriv newspaper that presenting a map was out of the question.
Summary: A recent report in Israel's Mriv daily has reopened a debate on the path of the United Nations-delineated Blue Line used to measure Israel's troop withdrawal from south Lebanon in May 2000.
En reponse a une question du quotidien Mriv: "Pouvez-vous promettre que pendant les quatre annees a venir aucune colonie ne sera demantelee?" M.
The Ho Chi Minh Trail, the most bombarded area during the war, passed through MRIII and MRIV. Not surprisingly, these military regions also received more U.S.
The Israeli newspaper Mriv reported that the Palestinian political parties in Gaza set ten conditions to sign a long-term ceasefire agreement with Israel.
- [Israeli daily of] Mriv: "There are increased prospects for ground aggression into Gaza Strip."
that is the situation," wrote Ben Caspit of Israel's daily Mriv newspaper on Thursday."The correct Israeli response is to comply with the American call issued yesterday, and to launch an immediate, in-depth, true and quick investigation.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Israeli Forces are not ready militarily to engage in a war with Hezbollah and their capabilities have distinctly decreased, the Israeli newspaper Mriv said in a report.