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MRLMagic Ruler (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
MRLMaximum Residue Limit
MRLMineral Resources Limited (Australia)
MRLMontana Rail Link (railroad)
MRLMinimal Risk Level
MRLMemory Read Line
MRLMicroprocessor Research Lab
MRLManual Retention Latch
MRLMethod Reporting Limit (laboratory measurement)
MRLMaterials Research Laboratory
MRLMissouri Right to Life (est. 1974)
MRLMachine Room-Less (elevator)
MRLMobile Rocket Launcher
MRLMerck Research Laboratories
MRLMultiple Rocket Launcher
MRLMorphologically Rich Language (computer programming)
MRLManufacturing Readiness Level
MRLMurphy Roths Large (mouse strain)
MRLMedia Resource Locator
MRLMicroprocessor Research Lab (Intel)
MRLMean Residual Life
MRLMonster Raving Loony (political party; UK)
MRLMaintenance Requirement(s) List
MRLMaximum Reservoir Level (irrigation)
MRLMarine Resources Library (Charleston, SC)
MRLMarzano Research Laboratory (Solution Tree)
MRLMagnetic Reference Laboratory (San Jose, CA; est. 1972)
MRLManipulator Retention Latch (US NASA)
MRLMusic Reproduction Licence
MRLMcLane Research Laboratories (est. 1983; East Falmouth, MA)
MRLMississippi River Levee
MRLMateriel Requirements List
MRLMaritime Rear Link
MRLMedical Resource LLC
MRLMaster Requirements List
MRLMobile Radiation Laboratory
MRLMissile Rail Launcher (AMRAAM)
MRLMaximum Performance Achievable Reducing Latency
MRLMain Rotor Linkage (Helicopter)
MRLMaxwell Rotors Limited
MRLMullard Research Laboratory (Leeds University)
MRLModified Reporting Limit (laboratory quality assurance)
MRLMotueka River Lodge (New Zealand Luxury Accommodation)
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Maximum residue level (MRL) regulations in plant products can create unnecessary trade barriers on one hand and enhance demand via risk mitigation or quality assurance on the other.
Netherlocks' MRL is an interlock for multi rotation handwheel operated valves.
Both of them were thrown in jail as a result of their involvement with the movement and after the fall of the communist regime, they founded the MRL. Dogan continued to receive payments from the secret services well into the first year and a half of the "Rebirth Process" operation.
Terada et al., "A novel autoimmune pancreatitis model in MRL mice treated with polyinosinic:polycytidylic acid," Clinical and Experimental Immunology, vol.
Analysis of BM B cells from both lupus-prone strains (MRL and MRL/lpr) at 9 weeks of age (without disease manifestations) revealed a different PRL receptor expression pattern; pro-B cells had the highest level of PRL receptor expression (4.5- to 5.5-fold more than pre-Bs and 2.4- to 3-fold more than immature B cells).
Recommendation: To ensure that DOD is taking steps to strengthen and improve the producibility and manufacturing readiness of technologies, weapon systems, subsystems, or manufacturing processes, the Secretary of Defense should require the assessment of manufacturing readiness across DOD programs using consistent MRL criteria as basis for measuring, assessing, reporting, and communicating manufacturing readiness and risk on science and technology transition projects and acquisition programs.
In fact, when I first saw a photograph of the MRl, my reaction was, "Oh, that handguard's going to be porky" Well, I was wrong.
Mineral Resources (MRL) will now be offering one MRL share for every 12 Polaris shares and 5 cents cash per Polaris share.
However, a new lymph-node-specific MR-contrast agent ferumoxtran-10 can detect metastases in normal-sized nodes (ie, <8 mm in size) by use of MR lymphoangiography (MRL).
The European Commission has made available, on its website, a database which can be consulted to search for the maximum residue limits (MRL) applicable to each crop and pesticide(1).
Introduced to the United States less than a decade ago, the machine room-less elevator (MRL) is suitable for low-rise buildings and offers a number of sustainable benefits over its predecessor, the hydraulic elevator.
* Therefore, health guidance values for methylmercury, such as ATSDR's chronic oral minimal risk level (MRL), have been set at levels that would protect fetuses.