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MRLAMental Retardation Local Authority (Texas)
MRLAMaltese Rugby League Association (Ingleburn, NSW, Australia)
MRLAMalay Races Liberation Army (est. 1948)
MRLAMinimum Redundancy Linear Array
MRLAMontana Repeater Link Association (radio club)
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However, young, talented fashion entrepreneur, Matthew Rose is poised with changing this narrative with the launch of the MRLA fashion label and the subsequent release of amazing apparel in their collections.
Caption: Figure 3: RMSE versus SNR, MRLA, N = 200, [[theta].sub.1] = 25[degrees], [[theta].sub.2] = 28[degrees], and M = 10.
O debate sobre o MRLA e polemico; ha divergencias que manifestam, inclusive, a particularidade desse processo em cada pais onde destaca damente o movimento se expressou: Argentina, Uruguai, Chile e Brasil.
The British executed what is arguably the most sophisticated and most successful version of this strategy while fighting the MRLA. Chinese squatters, the base of support for the MRLA, were systematically moved into fortified New Villages, where they could be both protected and watched.
The Min Yuen consisted of local ethnic Chinese who voluntarily or involuntarily supplied the MRLA with food, money, intelligence, recruits, and couriers.
By the end of 1949 the MRLA had managed to seize the initiative.
They feared that whilst the insurgency 'continue[d] to be classified as nothing more than an outbreak of banditry; the awarding of campaign medals would be 'prejudiced; and they recommended that the MRLA be designated as 'the "enemy"'.
[29] Dato Tan's comments came only two months after MRLA terrorists assassinated the high commissioner, Sir Henry Gurney, and a few days after LieutenantGeneral Briggs, the outgoing Director of Operations, had left the country.
Thus most works on the Emergency use MRLA. See C.C.
Land measuring 7 kanal 04 marlas out of 7 kanal 4 mrlas bearing khasra no.36m/16(7-4) as per jamabandi 2007-08 bearing wasika no.1180 dated 31.05.2001 and wasika no.4923 dated 03.01.2013 situated at village alamke tehsil jalalabad.
Minimum redundancy linear arrays (MRLAs) or minimum redundancy arrays (MRAs) have numerous useful properties and had been primarily studied in the past in relation to radio astronomy [1, 2].
Tenders are invited for This Public Procurement Competition Relates To The Provision Of A Cash Collection Service And Operation And Maintenance Of P&D Machines To Each Of The Mrlas. Ideally The Successful Tenderer(S) Would Be Able Provide A Total Solution Either As Company, Joint Venture Or Consortium.