MRMCMedical Research and Materiel Command (US Army)
MRMCMunroe Regional Medical Center (Florida)
MRMCMedical Research Modernization Committee
MRMCMercy Regional Medical Center (various locations)
MRMCMcLaren Regional Medical Center (Flint, Michigan)
MRMCMulti-Radio Multi-Channel
MRMCMahadevappa Rampure Medical College (India)
MRMCMount Royal Mennonite Church (Saskatoon, SK, Canada)
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However, there are assets available for dropdowns from its sponsor, MRMC. MMLP has stated that it may receive a dropdown of trucking assets from MRMC.
3.4.1 Performance Analysis of Proposed MRMC Algorithm
Another successful probabilistic model checker extended with rewards is the Markov Reward Model Checker (MRMC) [94].
However, it is incumbent that a pathway for communication throughout the organization be established as these lessons were not known or even managed in the dedicated research lanes such as MRMC. This requires better leadership links among casualty care across the full spectrum of operations, research, and clinical communities.
However, these congestion control algorithms [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] may not be appropriate for MRMC WMN with partially overlapping channels, where the packet loss is due to the interference and its dynamic nature of channel assignment.
Capacity reduction caused by interference is a major problem faced by WMNs [2]; one efficient way to solve this problem is to use multiple channels and equip each node with multiple radio interface cards, which is termed as multiradio multichannel (MRMC) technology [3].
Various tools have been devised, such as PRISM [8], MRMC [9], YMER [10], and VESTA [11].
The idea: Oncology services for Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC) in Columbia.
Among the talented nursing luminaries in our area: Nursing Scholarship recipient; Mark Muller of South West Community College; Advocacy: Jamie Gleason RN, of Southwest Memorial Hospital (SWMH); Lynne Murison RN, MSN, FNP; retired; Linda Miller RN, Axis Health System; Emery Namingha RN, SW Oncology; Leadership: Heather Nowlin RN, MSN, CNOR (SWMH) and Paulette Barlow, RN, BSN, SAWE, Mercy Regional Medical Center (MRMC); Innovation: Gordon Ninde, RN, MRMC; Administration: Leadership --Jaynee Fontecchio, RN, MSN, Citizens Health Advisory Council; Innovation--Suzanne Bolton RN, (MRMC).
US hydrocarbon products distributor Martin Resource Management Corp (MRMC) announced in a statement that Martin Midstream Partners LP (NASDAQ:MMLP) had acquired fuels, lubes and chemicals supplier Talen's Marine & Fuel LLC.
Two WRITTEN contracts are current and being honored by MRMC and ORMC!