MRMDMenstrually Related Mood Disorders
MRMDMineral Resources Management Division (Long Beach, CA)
MRMDMinimal Residual Marrow Disease (bone marrow)
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MariMed is now trading under the new ticker MRMD. MariMed Inc., will spin out Worlds Online's legacy 3D virtual community business to a newly formed subsidiary corporation.
In November 2014, the New York City Law Department, in coordination with the Department of Buildings, entered into an agreement with MRMD and its principal Michelle San Miguel in which they would pay outstanding penalties from accrued violations totaling $868,325, and properly supervise all construction sites where they hold work permits.
MRMD continued to ah low serious safety violations to exist at its work sites and currently has the most violations issued of any registered general contractor.
As of August 31, 2015, MRMD owed over $600,000 in ECB penalties above and beyond the violations encompassed in the November 2014 agreement.
The breach of agreement by MRMD and San Miguel provided the Department of Buildings the option to permanently revoke San Miguel's general contractor registrations.
The first tests for MRMDs and MRSOs are scheduled to be completed and ready for implementation by the end of the second quarter of 2015, with the MRSE test scheduled to be ready for implementation by the fourth quarter of 2015.
The partnership combines LogicaCMG's mobile messaging technology with technology in mobile music within the MRMD solution, creating a new channel to provide music-related products and services to subscribers.
The audio identification technology in MRMD provides accurate music recognition using a process based on unique 'fingerprints'.
The MRMD solution is available now to operators worldwide.
Cannabis brand Binske announced Monday it has partnered with the multistate operator MariMed Inc (OTC: MRMD) in a licensing deal.