MRMSMuller Road Middle School (South Carolina)
MRMSMiddle River Middle School (Maryland)
MRMSMountain Ridge Middle School (Colorado)
MRMSMaintenance Resource Management System (Navy)
MRMSMarine Risk Management System (Suncor Energy)
MRMSMobile Remote Manipulator System
MRMSMississippi Residential Mortgage Specialist
MRMSMission Ready Management Solutions (Rolls-Royce)
MRMSMillimeter-Wave Reflectivity Measurement System
MRMSMedium Range Missile System
MRMSMedical Records Management System
MRMSMarvin Ridge Middle School (Waxhaw, NC)
MRMSMagothy River Middle School (Arnold, MD)
MRMSMaintenance Reporting and Management System
MRMSMarketing Resource Management System
MRMSMaintenance/Reliability Management Solutions Inc (Boiling Springs, SC)
MRMSMember of the Royal Medical Society (UK)
MRMSMember of the Royal Microscopical Society
MRMSMTF (Military Treatment Facilities) Refill Mail Service (US DoD TRICARE)
MRMSMagnet Resonance Mass Spectrometry (physics)
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All mPING rain and snow reports are matched to the nearest grid cell of the MRMS surface precipitation type product with 1-km horizontal resolution, produced every 2 min.
MRMS combines the ultra-high performance of Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance (FTICR) mass spectrometry with the advantages of matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) for rapid, straightforward profiling analysis.
The FMS forwards the verification request to the MRMS and waits for a time out period.
Nesse estudo de caso sao considerados como inputs o GN (gas-natural) e o petroleo pesado (OP), sendo que os precos dessas commodities foram considerados estocasticos e estimados com base MRM ou MRMS.
Overall mean scores on the ATG-S, the subscales of the GRCS-I (SPC, RE, RABBM, and CBWFR), and the MRMS ranged from 2.
The refill call-in system at each of the three demonstration sites will inform beneficiaries if their medication is available for mail out under the MRMS pilot program.
We've been getting a lot of heat from AMT to run a lot of impact studies on surplus items," says Jim Denike, property disposal specialist, MRMS.
This paper envisions the design of an open source MRMS.
That's why the old people catch the old superbug: the old MRMS, MMMRSA, RSI whatever" - A paranoid patient (24 Hours In A&E) training tip of the week "You definitely need all your toes to really react well" - Lennox Lewis on Haye-Klitschko, looking as if he were auditioning for The Specials insult of the week "Jim, you get the BBIW Award - Biggest Bulls*** In The World award" - Lord Sugar (The Apprentice).
RMR, MRMS and MS denote resistant reactions while S denotes susceptible reaction (Anonymous, 2004 and 2005; Hussain et al.
For continental-scale verification of GPM products over the CONUS, all MRMS data coincident with GPM orbits are continuously processed and saved as a GPM GV dataset (http://wallops-prf.
The MRMS shall include Global Positioning System (GPS) and status reporting hardware for fleet assets, web-based (browser based) user-friendly software, and ongoing MRMS maintenance and technical support.