MRMWMultiple Reader/Multiple Writer
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MRMW 2015 has been researched and designed with the input of the international market research community and leading innovators.
MRMW: A Scalable Parallel Motion Estimation Algorithm
In this paper, a novel ME algorithm is proposed, named multiresolutions multiwindows (MRMW) motion estimation.
All three steps of MRMW consist of the following two basic functions: computing SADs for each candidate position and selecting the best MV.
Inter represents using the proposed MRMW algorithm instead of the original ME in x264 and keep the other components unchanged, while Para.
We considered that the high speedup ratio comes from the high parallel degree of the MRMW We noticed that the achieved speedup ratios are proportional with the peak performance of the GPUs.
In order to achieve high performance, we optimized all components of H.264 encoder, proposed corresponding parallel algorithms, including MRMW, multilevel parallel intracoding, component-based parallel CAVLC and direction-priority parallel deblocking filter.