MRNFMyelinated Retinal Nerve Fibers
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During the 1980s and 1990s, several mapping projects conducted by the MRNF and the GSC in the Cape Smith Belt (Trans-Hudson Orogen on Fig.
In the summer of 1997, the MRNF mandated SIAL Geosciences Inc.
Later, as part of the MRNF (Quebec Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife) Electrobois program, a pilot system was designed, constructed, and implemented at LTE (Laboratoire des Technologies de l'Energie d'Hydro-Quebec).
Finally, the authors gratefully acknowledge the Quebec Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife (MRNF) for financial support (through the Electrobois Program) for this research which is at the source of this article.
An application has been made with the MRNF to strip and drill the new graphite outcrops and work will begin immediately upon receiving the necessary authorizations.
Direction du developpement de l'industrie des produits forestiers, Ministere des ressources naturelles et de la faune du Quebec (MRNF).