MROIMarketing Return On Investment
MROIMagdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer (New Mexico)
MROIMoscow Research Oncological Institute (cancer; Moscow, Russia)
MROIMultiple Region of Interest
MROIMaximize Return on Investment
MROIMarginal Return on Investment
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MROI. It's a lightning rod of a term, but as much as we hate it or hate to love it, we all know that determining the marketing return on investment is here to stay.
"If analytics aren't tied to customer data, there's no means of proving MROI." While this may sound like a marketing or broad strategic play, it has equal value in the sales trenches.
I believe the secret to maximizing marketing return on investment (MROI) is to maximize every potential 'touch' with the target audience."
Tickers featured: AOL, ITWO, LU, MROI, MSFT, ORCL, SAP.
Senator Heinrich will see the first of ten telescopes that will become the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer (MROI).