MROTMobile Read-Only Transaction
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Comparing RSS Algorithms Using the FRISS Framework Method TRANS SCAL PROT [SIM.sub.R] Yes Yes Yes [SIM.sub.G] Yes Yes Yes 2D-Iconic Yes Yes No Triplet Yes Yes No 2D-LCS Yes Yes No SR Yes Yes No WCOM Yes Yes Restricted Method MROT TOP SIM [SIM.sub.R] Clustering No Yes [SIM.sub.G] No No Full Image 2D-Iconic No No Yes Triplet No No No 2D-LCS No No Yes SR No Yes No WCOM No No Full Image In Chang and Lee [1991], each symbolic image is represented as a set of ordered triplets ([O.sub.i], [O.sub.j], [r.sub.ij]), where [O.sub.i] and [O.sub.j] are two symbolic objects and [r.sub.ij] is the spatial relationship between [O.sub.i] and [O.sub.j] All spatial relationships are exhaustively enumerated and stored in a hashing table.
Table I compares seven existing spatial similarity algorithms according to the FRISS framework in terms of their ability to recognize translation variants (TRANS), scaling variants (SCAL), perfect rotation variants (PROT), multiple rotation variants (MROT), topological constraints (TOP), and similar images (SIM).