MRPCMicrosoft Research Paraphrase Corpus (dataset)
MRPCMaterial Resource Planning Controller
MRPCMaximum Residual Packet Capacity
MRPCMedford Rifle and Pistol Club (Medford, OR)
MRPCMontana Resource Providers Coalition
MRPCMultipoint Remote Procedure Call
MRPCMinimum Redundancy Prefix Code
MRPCMontreal Pagan Resource Center (Montreal, Canada)
MRPCMarist Robotics Programming Club (Singapore)
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Banerjee, "MRPC: Maximizing Network Lifetime for Reliable Routing in Wireless Environments", 2002 IEEE, Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, orlando.
Additionally, allowing a law firm to assume plaintiffs' potentially multi-million dollar fee-shifting risk would likely give it "too great a financial stake in the litigation," a concern underlying both MRPC Rules 1.8(e) and 1.8(i), which generally prohibit a lawyer from acquiring a proprietary interest in a case.
(4) See Model Rules of Professional Conduct (MRPC), American Bar Association (ABA) 2008, Rule 1.6a: "A lawyer shall not reveal information relating to the representation of a client ...." The remainder of Rule 1.6a allows for attorney disclosure upon a voluntary and informed client waiver or as necessary for effective representation of the client.
LAW: MRPC Rule 1.15(a) provides in part: "A lawyer shall hold property of clients or third persons that is in a lawyer's possession in connection with a representation separate from the lawyer's own property.
The South African parliament's Mineral Resources Portfolio Committee (MRPC) on Thursday passed the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill, which proposes that up to 20 percent interest in any such venture should go to the state.
"We develop a process, not just mold a part." In one sentence, Jeff Randall encapsulates the philosophy of Scientific Molding at MRPC in Butler, Wis., where he is v.p.
Let A = "Revenue in the first quarter of the year dropped 15 percent from the same period a year earlier", B = "With the scandal hanging over Stewart's company, revenue the first quarter of the year dropped 15 percent from the same period a year earlier", and C = "The result is an overall package that will provide significant economic growth for our employees over the next four years" This example is from the Microsoft Research Paraphrase Corpus (MRPC) [53], which will be introduced in more details in the following section.
Banerjee, "Mrpc: maximizing network lifetime for reliable routing in wireless environments," in Proceedings of the Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC '02), March 2002.
For example, the State Bar of Arizona Task Force on the Future of the Legal Profession supported MDPs and suggests the ABA amend MRPC 5.4 and other rules, a California ethics board proposed revisions to the ABA, and Colorado adopted a resolution to allow MDPs.
One researcher, a toxicologist and the director of the Missouri Regional Poison Center (MRPC), conducted a study on the effects of synthetic marijuana on humans.
review of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct ("MRPC") and
* MRPC of Butler, Wisconsin, USA, a maker of medical-device components and assemblies, has received ISO 13485 certification.