MRPFManatee River Pram Fleet (sailing; Florida)
MRPFManuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (est. 1983; Chile)
MRPFMassachusetts Reserve Police Federation
MRPFMaintenance of Real Property Facilities
MRPFManchester Regional Police and Fire Pipe Band (East Hartford, CT)
MRPFMaster Repair Parts File
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Let us consider MRPF flow in the gap workpiece-tool as a continuum in the approximation of lubrication theory.
Average MRPF velocity V(z) profile is created [9] having effective temperature [T.sub.e].
The force of viscous friction [F.sub.T] of elementary layer of MRPF (assuming the thickness corresponds to the particle diameter d = [10.sup.-7] m) in the jet of MRPF can be written as:
In MRPF the bulk magnetic force acts on magnetic particles moving in the flow of the elements of a continuous medium [10]:
Force [[??].sub.m] holds the jet of MRPF pressed against the surface of the truncated spherical tool of radius R, rotating with the frequency [omega].
where g is acceleration of MRPF, [g.sub.m] is acceleration of the motion of magnetic particles under the influence of the magnetic volume force.
Thus, there is a redistribution of the two types of particles of complex filler of MRPF in the gap workpiece-tool associated with the extrusion of the filler particles into the upper layer of the jet to the surface of the workpiece.
Moving a MRPF element against the impact of "gravity force" from the tool surface from point R to the point located at a distance x from the center of the rotor tool or on x - R from the tool, leading to the commission of work [9]:
Used MRPF contains particles of magnetically sensitive material--carbonyl iron with the density [[rho].sub.m] = 7.5 x [10.sup.3] kg/[m.sup.3], with an average magnetization [J.sub.m] = 5 x [10.sup.5] A/m, the size of d = 1 x [10.sup.-6] m, with a volume concentration of C = 0.36.
Full pressure of MRPF jet on the workpiece is composed of elastic magnetic pressure of the jet and of kinetic pressure and the magnetic and abrasive components.