MRPGMelee Role Playing Game (World of Warcraft)
MRPGMurray River Performing Group (Australia)
MRPGMultiplayer Role-Playing Game
MRPGMedical Radiation Professionals Group (Queensland, AU)
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Given the promising results of using MMORPG technologies for educational purposes, this work translates the multiplayer role playing game (MRPG) aspect, the essential concept of MMORPGs, into the classroom context.
In this article we introduced a new tool denoted CMPRPG that is derived from the concept of a MMORPG and can be used in the classroom to achieve immersion in an educational activity and collaboration between students via a MRPG with curriculum content.
After conducting open hearings and considering the testimony and comments of interested parties, the MDP Commission unanimously recommended relaxing the legal profession's current ethics rules--Model Rules of Professional Conduct (MRPG)--to allow MDP.