MRPIMilieu Relevante Product Informatie (Dutch: Environment Foundation Relevant Product)
MRPIMagnetic Resonance Perfusion Imaging (clinical tool)
MRPIMetropolitan Research and Policy Institute (University of Texas at San Antonio; San Antonio, TX)
MRPIMinnesota Responsible Property Investors
MRPIMedium Range Pre-Information (travel information system)
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The values of these 2 indices also range from +1 (i.e., all matings done by males (MRPI) or females (FRPI) of one type [the first to be listed (A)]), through an equilibrium at 0 (i.e., equal participation in mating by males or females of both types), to -1 (i.e., all matings achieved by males (MRPI) or females (FRPI) of the other type [(B)]).
There was a significantly greater participation of irradiated and nonirradiated adults compared with wild adults in the "L-W" (laboratory) and the "S-W" (laboratory and field) tests as reflected in the relatively high MRPI (0.6, 0.5 and 0.5, respectively) and FRPI (0.8, 0.6 and 0.7, respectively) values.
In the "L-S" mating tests, irradiated and non-irradiated adults showed equal participation in mating by both sexes in both locations as reflected in the MRPI and FRPI values, which did not differ significantly from zero (Table 1).
Con la intencion de vincular la investigacion con la innovacion educativa, este estudio tiene la finalidad de comprobar la eficacia de la Metodologia de Resolucion de Problemas como Investigacion (MRPI) para el desarrollo de la competencia cientifica en 4 de ESO en relacion con la planificacion de investigaciones.
* ?Progresaran los estudiantes de 4 de ESO en el aprendizaje de los procedimientos incluidos en la MRPI sobre la planificacion de investigaciones?
The MRPI is housed at the State of Michigan Archive, Lansing, Michigan.
The authors selected the Centennial Farms to evaluate the usefulness of the MRPI in profiling rural property because the farms represented ownership within a single family over a long period of time.
An earlier study conducted by Bauman and Westphal (1990) involved a comparison of the MRPI with two secondary historic resources (USDA Soil Conservation Service aerial photographs, 1938, and Hixson plat map, 1930).
The product became known as the Michigan Rural Property Inventory (MRPI).
MRPI OTC 0.08 0.06 Maui Land & Pine MLP ASE 18.95 18.00 Resort Quest Intl.
In this study, the researchers introduce the use of an archival resource titled the "Michigan Rural Property Inventory" (MRPI) to develop a picture of Michigan's rural architectural landscape in the late 1930s.
By matching each plot of land by its township and range orientation, section number, and plot letter, the author could locate the property profiled on the MRPI on the map.