MRPNMedical Resident Progress Note
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Construction of MRPN for the Common Pathways Based on the Common Genes of miRNAs and Pathways.
We then constructed an MRPN for PMOP, which was shown in Figure 5.
Topological Features of the MRPN. We determined the topological characteristics of the network, including the degree distribution.
In our study, a novel method of extracting pathway-based biomarkers in PMOP was developed, by investigating the interactions among genes, miRNAs, and pathways associated with pathogenesis through constructing an MRPN. The results of our work identified 279 differential pathways between PMOP and normal samples, including MAPK signaling pathway and PI3K/Akt signaling pathway.
mi proyecto de vida era otro" (Entrevistada) Esta enunciacion revela el enmarcado interpretativo que proviene de un Modelo de referencia primario natural (MRPn).
diestra y siniestra] [??] [flecha diestra y siniestra] (2) Area de Marcos de la experiencia (me) accion (Goffman, (2006): (10) formas o MRP), (MRPn), (MRPs), (MRP-mtc), escenario (MRPs-m-f), (MRPn)(1)(fn), (MRPn)(2)(dsandg), (MRPs)(1)(mpmn).