MRPPMaster of Research and Public Policy (various locations)
MRPPMulti-Response Permutation Procedure
MRPPMen's Rape Prevention Project
MRPPMovimento Reorganizativo do Partido do Proletariado
MRPPMemphis Regional Planned Parenthood
MRPPMontreal Rehabilitation Performance Profile (physical therapy evaluation)
MRPPMean Renal Perfusion Pressure
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Pedal was the child of MRPP, because MRPP uses something called alternative pedagogy.
El analisis de agrupacion MRPP determino una diferencia entre las comunidades de macroinvertebrados de estaciones de referencia e impactadas del ano 2011, y entre las comunidades de macroinvertebrados de estaciones de referencia ano 2011 y puntos impactados ano 2012 (A = 0.08, p = 0.02).
The low A-value on MRPP (A = 0,011) indicates that heterogeneity within groups equals expectation by chance and PerManova indicates that only 2.7% of variance is explained by slope classes variable.
The larval fish assemblages collected during FebMar at SST values <21[degrees]C were significantly different in species composition and abundance to those collected at SST >21[degrees]C (MRPP analysis: A = 0.08; P < 0.01).
We also found no differences in community composition after running a NMS analysis and MRPP on the moist soil unit plant biomass data (Fig.
MRPP tests revealed significant differences in the understory species composition between plantations on Al and A2 (p = 0.009) and between plantations on Al and Bl (p = 0.010), whereas the comparison of understory species composition between A2 and Bl revealed no differences (p = 0.117).
The MRPP revealed significant overall differences in orchid bee species composition collected with the 4 attractants (A = 0.30, P < 0.001).
MRPP analysis at both the family and species level did not demonstrate any statistically significant differences between the two grasslands {p = 0.08 for both family and species-level analyses), but comparing the pre-burn to the post-burn overall was significant (p = 0.001) (Table 2).
El MRPP es un procedimiento no parametrico, equivalente al analisis discriminante o al ANOVA de una via, que permite poner a prueba la hipotesis de distribucion no aleatoria de la variacion biologica.