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MRQMinistère du Revenu du Québec (French: Québec Ministry of Taxation)
MRQMarinduque, Philippines (Airport Code)
MRQModern Rock Quartet (Canadian jazz-rock band)
MRQManagement Review Quarterly (journal)
MRQMinimum Reportable Quantity
MRQMinimum Release Quantity
MRQMarket Research Questionnaire (various organizations)
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MRQMulti-Variate Rectangular Quantization
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Site M.potiuna M.olfersii M.carcinus T.fluvi- atilis M.A 2[degrees] ord 55 1 11 M.A.2[degrees] ord (2) 51 7 M.A 3[degrees] ord (1) M.A 3[degrees] ord (2) 8 3 1 MRQ 1[degrees] ord MRQ 2[degrees] ord 16 8 MRQ 3[degrees] ord (1) MRQ 3[degrees] ord (2) 1 MRQ 3[degrees] ord (3) MRQ 3[degrees] ord (4) STM 1[degrees] ord (1) 62 STM 1[degrees] ord (2) 1 11 STM 2[degrees] ord 7 1 15 STM 3[degrees] ord (1) 1 STM 3[degrees] ord (2) ITA 1[degrees] ord 6 1 ITA 3[degrees] ord (1) 9 ITA 3[degrees] ord (2) 1 ANL lord 28 ANL 2[degrees] ord 16 D.Barras 3[degrees] ord Gato 3[degrees] ord Estreito 3[degrees] ord Taxon Abundance 250 6 1 64 % of the Total 0.77 0.02 0.00 0.20 Site T.
Conversely, the lowest value for flowering time (79.20 d), panicle length (16.60 cm) and 1000 grain weight (15.19 g) in E 13 genotype, for plant height (60.00 cm) in MRQ 50, while for fertile grain per panicle (33.20) and grain yield per plant (24.97 g) in Rato Basmati genotype were observed at 20degC temperature.
Motivations for Reading Questionnaire, Retrieved from, MRQ.pdf
The MRQ cross web labeller and TTO thermal transfer printer from MULTIVAC Marking and Inspection have been opti- mised for use on MULTIVAC packaging machines.
Product consists of Company's R 245 thermoforming packaging machine, MRQ cross web labeller, which is equipped with a TTO thermal transfer printer, the MR822 checkweigher, a Company's MBS 100 belt system and an automatic stacking unit.
Such communication is available through the IronPort encryption internet application used by the Quebec Ministry of Taxation (MRQ) and other similarly secure internet sites in other tax jurisdictions.
(2009) [12] have compared the output of the Multiple Resources Questionnaire (MRQ) and NASA-TLX in different task types and operating environments.
SH and MRQ formulated the study design and helped in the final drafting of the manuscript.
Mori (2002) developed an L2 reading motivation questionnaire based on Wigfield and Guthrie's (1997) Motivations for Reading Questionnaire (MRQ).
The 5-item relationship satisfaction subscale of the Multidimensional Relationship Questionnaire (MRQ) (Snell, Schicke, and Arbeiter, 2002) was used to assess relationship satisfaction.
Among twenty genotypes, two local genotypes MR 219 (Homozygous nonfragrant) and MRQ 50 (Homozygous fragrant) were used as the female and seven fragrant genotypes (Entry-7, Entry-11, Entry-13, Sadri, Gharib, Rato Basmati, and Ranbir Basmati) were used as male to produce [F.sub.1] genotypes as they clearly demonstrated homozygous conditions by both ASA and sensory test.