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MRQMost Recent Quarter
MRQMinistère du Revenu du Québec (French: Québec Ministry of Taxation)
MRQMarinduque, Philippines (Airport Code)
MRQModern Rock Quartet (Canadian jazz-rock band)
MRQManagement Review Quarterly (journal)
MRQMinimum Reportable Quantity
MRQMinimum Release Quantity
MRQMarket Research Questionnaire (various organizations)
MRQMultiple Response Question (testing)
MRQMulti-Variate Rectangular Quantization
MRQMonthly Hotline Report Q&A (EPA)
MRQMileage Rate Query
MRQMateriel/Maximum Release Quantity
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03 fold) was observed in MRQ 50 genotype in ambient condition.
During quantitative analysis of 2AP metabolite, genotype Ranbir Basmati produced 2AP in all three conditions and MRQ 50 genotype produce 2AP at ambient and 25degC temperature while all other aromatic genotypes produced 2AP at 25degC only (Table 4).
The MRQ cross web labeller and TTO thermal transfer printer from MULTIVAC Marking and Inspection have been opti- mised for use on MULTIVAC packaging machines.
2009), On the workload of vigilance: Comparison of the NASATLX and the MRQ, 53rd Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting.
Students in the MAX Teaching framework group, as well as students in the control condition, had statistically higher gain scores on the MRQ than the CTE Reading group.
The spouses were asked to complete the MRQ pretest based on perceptions of the family's functioning prior to the onset of the spouse's stroke.
The 2008-2009 Quebec Budget Speech announced the implementation of a specialized unit within MRQ to combat ATP.
Since some corporations have already signed a protocol with Revenue Canada, we have asked the MRQ to examine the possibility of endorsing the protocol on a case-by-case basis for the companies that want it.
In addition, MRQ assigns a different account number for the taxpayer for each type of tax to be remitted.
Under an agreement with the federal government, Ministere du Revenu du Quebec (MRQ) has responsibility for the administration of the GST in the Province of Quebec and the terms of the agreement specify that MRQ will work within the national norms and standards.