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MRRMaterial Removal Rate
MRRMaster Resale Rights
MRRMachine Robo Rescue (Japanese television series)
MRRMinisterstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego (Polish: Ministry for Regional Development)
MRRModern Rock Radio
MRRMetal Removal Rate (machining)
MRRMystic Revelation of Rastafari (band)
MRRModel Railroader Magazine
MRRManchester Road Race (Manchester, CT)
MRRMyRealRacing (forum)
MRRMaximum Rock'n'Roll (print zine)
MRRMonthly Recurring Revenue
MRRMajor Repair and Renewal (US Army)
MRRMinnesota Road Research (Department of Transportation)
MRRMandatory Reporting Rule (US EPA)
MRRMinimum Reporting Requirement (various locations)
MRRMean Reciprocal Rank
MRRMark Release Recapture (animal population studies)
MRRMission Readiness Review
MRRMinimal Risk Region (USDA)
MRRMaterial Receipt Report (energy exploration)
MRRMarket Research Reports
MRRMinimum Rediscount Rate
MRRMarginal Rate of Return
MRRMonitoring, Recordkeeping, and Reporting
MRRMedication Regimen Review (pharmaceutical)
MRRMotorized Rifle Regiment
MRRMinnesotans for Responsible Recreation (Duluth, MN; est. 1996)
MRRMedium Range Radar
MRRMulti-Role Radio
MRRManufacturing Readiness Review
MRRManagement Research Report
MRRMinimum Risk Route
MRRMaintenance Replacement Rate
MRRMeasurement Residual Ratio
MRRMaintenance Readiness Review (US Army)
MRRMultiple Reporting Record (US Department of Education)
MRRMedical Readiness Review
MRRModular Range Reduction (computing)
MRRMission Requirements Request
MRRMaritime Radar Reconnaissance
MRRMission Requirements Review
MRRMaterial Receiving Report
MRRMinimum Reserve Requirements
MRRMulti-Role Radar
MRRMad River Rocket (Sled Company; Warren, VT)
MRRMinimum Residual Radioactivity
MRRMaterial Review Report
MRRMechanical Reliability Report
MRRMaterial Recovery Rate
MRRMateriel Readiness Report
MRRM.R. Radha (Indian actor)
MRRMicrofilm Reduction Ratio
MRRMilestone Readiness Review
MRRMacRitchie Reservoir (Singapore)
MRRMary Rolph Resources
MRRManagement Recommendation Report
MRRMotivation Recognition and Rewards (human resources)
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This press release contains references to 'Adjusted EBITDA', 'Backlog MRR', 'ARPU', and 'churn' which are not measures prescribed by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
In this study, MRR, SR, and WWR are used as measures of process performance during WEDM of nimonic 263.
Service revenue from mid-market and enterprise customers billing greater than USD 10,000 in MRR, adjusting for constant currency and excluding legacy DXI revenue, increased 51% year-over-year and represents 30% of total service revenue.
Jeswani [2] explored the effects of addition of Graphite powder to kerosene and claimed that the MRR was increased about 60% and Tool Wear Rate (TWR) was decreased around 15% using the kerosene with 4 g/l Graphite (Gr) powder concentration.
As per the latest Subscription Economy Index (SEI) study, SaaS businesses suffer from 27 percent annual customer churn on an average, while companies pioneering in customer success are able to achieve up to 129 percent MRR retention rates.
When analyzing the geographical areas, it was observed that only the Metropolitan Region of Recife (MRR) showed a significant decrease (p < 0.003) in the temporal prevalence of the problem during the years assessed, dropping from 16.9% to 10.5%.
They showed that the rotary electrode improves the MRR and reduce the surface roughness (SR).
MRR as of December 31, 2017 was USD 29.9 million, up 62% compared with USD 18.5 million as of December 31, 2016.
This project was identified by the community and municipal members as a priority need in their area through the Maps of Risk and Resources Methodology (MRR), the MRR, where problems and needs are identified by the local community in order of priority.
To investigate the process features in term of material removal rate (MRR), the samples were weighted before and after the milling operation and the MRR was measured.
Although difficult to machine material like Ti-6Al-4V can be machined with micro EDM, problems like lower MRR, higher tool wear rate, formation of recast layer and poor debris removal are faced during micro electric discharge machining, [3].
Muscat Road Runners (MRR) have been running a marathon for the last four years and they had taken the event to a certain level; but since they are a group of volunteers, they were constrained.