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MRSIMagnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging
MRSIMaterials Research Society of India
MRSIMultiple Round Simultaneous Impact
MRSIMarket Research Solutions, Inc. (various locations)
MRSIMountain Regional Services, Inc.
MRSIModern Railway Society of Ireland (est. 1987)
MRSIMobilization Requirements, Secondary Items
MRSIMicro Robotics Systems Incorporated
MRSIMicrostrip Rectangular Spiral Inductor
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sup][6],[7],[8],[11],[15],[16] First, in v2, MRSI is no longer recommended for a PI-RADS assessment, with mp-MRI consisting only of T2-WI, DWI, and DCE.
MRSI detected 35 patients who proved have cancer on biopsy (Sensitivity 87.
Both DWI [73] and the creatine-plus-choline-to-citrate ratios in MRSI were associated with Gleason score [74].
The authors used MRI, MRS (hippocampus), and MRSI (frontal/parietal region) to acquire data from 55 patients with PTSD (28 tested positive for alcohol abuse) and 49 control subjects (23 tested positive for alcohol abuse).
So just to set the record straight with regards to our hardworking Labour AM Christine Gwyther, here are a few projects that she and her party have had an influence over in the county town of Carmarthen: a new swimming pool and leisure centre, a new secondary school with special-needs hub, a new A&E unit, a new renal unit, a new MRSI scanner, new operating theatres, a new market development complete with cinema, a new technium, the upgrading of the local ambulance stations, new ambulances, etc, etc.
A MRSI (Management Resources and Solutions) team was contracted in late October to help Woodesign with new ideas, coaching and processes.
Post: Could you tell us about the use of MRSI and how it might be useful in diagnosis of bipolar disorder?
Since 1973 MRSI has identified the market opportunities that drive our clients' businesses forward.
Still in the development stage, MRSI can be effective in detecting epilepsy, brain tumors, and other diseases, "In most cases, MRS is used investigationally or as part of a research protocol.
MRSI is a leading supplier of high precision dispense, eutectic and assembly equipment for the manufacture of microwave, RF, optical, MEMS and multi-chip modules.
MRSI (North Billerica, MA), a supplier of dispense and assembly systems for the semiconductor and microelectronics industry, has announced the appointment of JIPAL Corp.
Reviews of MRSI applications in clinical neuroradiology (Ross & Michaelis, 1994) show that there have been many technical advances in the last few years for acquiring and analyzing high-quality MRS signals from the human brain.