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MRSIMagnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging
MRSIMaterials Research Society of India
MRSIMultiple Round Simultaneous Impact
MRSIMarket Research Solutions, Inc. (various locations)
MRSIMountain Regional Services, Inc.
MRSIModern Railway Society of Ireland (est. 1987)
MRSIMobilization Requirements, Secondary Items
MRSIMicro Robotics Systems Incorporated
MRSIMicrostrip Rectangular Spiral Inductor
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(26,27) In 2004, a prototype endorectal coil was introduced that resulted in increased spatial resolution of T2W and contrast-enhanced T1-weighted (T1W) MRI, an increased temporal resolution of DCEMRI, and increased spectral resolution of MRSI. (5) Bloch et al (28) investigated the feasibility of MRI of the prostate with a combination of an endorectal and pelvic phased-array coils.
This 'hands-off' process, coupled with the automatic loading, is the core to the Multiple-Round Simultaneous-Impact (MRSI) capability.
The future tentative work will focus on the following aspects: 1) to extract more efficient features; 2) try other classifiers such as artificial neural network, Bayesian classifier, and hidden Markov models; 3) to include the phase image of structural MRI data; 4) to add the MRSI data.
5,6 m parcella, 1,4 m parcellaelvlaszt t esetn mrsi ciklus ideje a leheto legrvidebb, max.
Zhang, "A dual-tuned quadrature volume coil with mixed [lambda]/2 and [lambda]/4 microstrip resonators for multinuclear MRSI at 7T," Magn.
Both 52 variants feature the MRSI (Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact) technology, which allows it to drop five or six rounds at the same time on the same target with a single gun at a maximum range of 25 km.
uPAR-PET combined with simultaneous 13C-hyperpolarized pyruvate MRSI (Warburg effect).
This design enables the Amos to fire 26 rounds in one minute with the first 14 rounds achieving a multiple round simultaneous impact (MRSI).
The Ergm makes possible a nine-projectile MRSI (multiple round simultaneous impact) in a grid pattern.
In spite of the massive 33 per cent weight reduction, industry representatives are quick to emphasize that the new Crusader design retains critical performance characteristics including a cross-country speed of 39 to 48 kph, highway speed of 67 to 78 kph, maximum firing range of 40 to 50 km (assisted), ten to twelve rounds per minute firing rate and the ability to perform Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) missions.
L e pays a besoin d'un plan [beaucoup moins que]Maroc de la recherche scientifique et de l'invention[beaucoup plus grand que] (MRSI) pour booster l'oeuvre de son developpement durable sur des bases solides et realiser des taux de croissance devant lui permettre de s'elever au rang des pays developpes, a affirme le conseiller parlementaire Abdellatif Ouammou.