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MRSIDMulti Resolution Seamless Image Database
MRSIDMulti-Resolution Seamless Image Database
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As a sequence of establishing measures and procedures to prevent acts of terrorism that threaten the security of passengers, crews and the safety of ships, NADRA had developed a Machine Readable Seafarer Identity Document (MRSID) for the solution.
Despite some competitors, LizardTech remains on top, as Express Server is the only server on the market that can serve MrSID as well as it does.
MrSID is a dynamic image technology and format whose name is an acronym for "Multiresolution Seamless Image Database," which simply means that users may zoom in and choose any sub-region of an image at any desired resolution or "zoom level" and that portion of the image will be extracted and sent to them, either as a JPEG or as MrSID data.
In addition to acquiring the uncompressed tiles, try to get a single mosaicked image in compressed form such as JPEG2000, MrSID, or ECW.
RDV 2007 delivers a new and enhanced set of visualization and simulation capabilities to Autodesk users such as object animation, support of Google Earth, real physical interaction and full support of all images inside AutoCAD, including MrSid, ECW, and more.
Additionally, the digital orthophotos flown in 2001 are at 0.5-foot resolution and are available in TIFF, JPG, and MrSID formats.
Raster images include TIF and MrSID types, and some images are in SDE.
The resulting files were compressed using MrSid, and FGDC-compliant metadata was created for each image.
Also, the inclusion of LizardTech's MrSID technology will let users zoom, pan and manipulate images so that they can receive the digital content at the level of detail they require.
Imagizer Viewer is a stand-alone application used to view, edit, measure, and hyperlink any type of imagery such as TIFF, IMG, and MrSID.