MRTGMulti Router Traffic Grapher
MRTGMaori Regional Tourism Group (New Zealand)
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The R time, K time, [alpha] angle, and MRTG parameters in the kaolin test achieved statistical significance only for the higher concentrations of rivaroxaban (Table 1 and Figure 2, A) but were able to detect the presence of all tested concentrations of apixaban (P [less than or equal to] .04) (Table 1 and Figure 2, B) and dabigatran (P [less than or equal to] .04) (Table 1 and Figure 2, C).
The K time, [alpha] angle, and MRTG parameters for both apixaban and rivaroxaban from the rTEG test did not show any statistical difference between the control or between studied concentrations (Table 2).
For the integration of this tool with the prototype it is used the design pattern adapter that is responsible for sending information to MRTG of each manageable devices and maintains a background process running in PERL that is constantly aware of changes on this used information.
Equally MRTG based on information provided by the prototype traffic generates images that are easily accessed and viewed by users.
The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) can be installed almost anywhere in the local manufacturing network, however the most reasonable and convenient location for MRTG installation is the main router--on the gateway to the local network.
Because the Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) allows the monitoring of any variable expressed by an integer value, in addition to the monitoring of incoming and outgoing traffic, it can be also used as front-end software, for the monitoring of any other variables, which can be acquired from the manufacturing network (from servers, workstations, machines, robots and other manufacturing devices)for every defined time period (usually every 5 minutes) and represented as a numeric variable.
Requisito: Configurar en el equipo a monitorear una comunidad de solo lectura para que MRTG pueda hacer las consultas necesarias.
The presented method use GNU-licensed software: Multi Route Traffic Grapher (MRTG), which can be used in manufacturing systems for the monitoring of selected events and the graphic presentation of results.
This result is ready to be accepted by the front-end software, however it must be converted (using a simple software script) to the format readable by MRTG.
- Provision of a bandwidth usage monitoring system by MRTG or any other
c) The ISP shall provide real-time monitoring solution such MRTG capable of providing daily,
? The ISP should provide online/live bandwidth monitoring system like MRTG or