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MRUMaximum Receive Unit (PPP)
MRUMost Recently Used (opposite of LRU)
MRUMykolas Romeris University (Lithuania)
MRUMedical Research Unit (various organizations)
MRUMost Recently Used
MRUMaximum Reception Unit
MRUMount Royal University (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
MRUMedical Resource Utilization
MRUMigration Research Unit (UK)
MRUMobile Response Unit
MRUMedical Rehabilitation Unit (various loctions)
MRUMobile Rescue Unit (obsolete)
MRUMountain Rescue Unit
MRUMotion Reference Unit
MRUMedia Relations Unit (various organizations)
MRUMulti-campus Research Unit
MRUMagnetic Resonance Urography
MRUMechatronics Research Unit (EU)
MRUMauritius, Mauritius - Plaisance (Airport Code)
MRUMedia Robot Utility (HP OpenVMS)
MRUMilitary Radar Unit
MRUMobile Radio Unit
MRUMercury Removal Unit (equipment used to trap mercury to prevent liquid metal embrittlement)
MRUMachine Records Unit
MRUMuch Regret Unable
MRUMacau Rugby Union (Macau, China)
MRUManu River Union
MRUManifest Review Unit (customs)
MRUMinimum Revisable Unit
MRUMotivation Reaction Unit (writing structure)
MRUManagement Reporting Unit
MRUMobile Repair Unit
MRUMechanical Refrigeration Unit (Natural Gas Industry)
MRUMEG (Monoethylene Glycol) Regeneration Unit (gas production)
MRUMessage Received and Understood
MRUMinimum/Maintenance Replacement Unit
MRUMaximized Resource Utilization
MRUMobile Retail Unit
MRUMany Regrets Unable (responding to invitations)
MRUMagnetic Receiver Unit
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The MRU Secretary General appreciates candidates of all the political parties for their compliance with the laws, codes, ethics and conduct of the elections and also the people of Sierra Leone for the high noticeable turn out, discipline and engagement in maintaining the peace and democracy.
MRU is free of radiation and contrast media risks, so it is recommended to be a primary investigation in patients with no excretory function, in pregnant women, in children, in young persons and in those with contrast medium allergy.
Pertamina is ready to support the implementation of the energy mix program," the companys president director, Dwi Soetjipto, said at the launching of the MRUs here.
Tiriamaji kontingenta sudare 185 aukstesniu kursu studentai, studijuojantys VGTU (Aplinkos inzinerijos, Mechanikos, Elektronikos, Fundamentiniu mokslu, Transporto inzinerijos fakultetuose), ir 207 vaikinai, studijuojantys MRU (Teises, Socialiniu technologiju, Politikos ir vadybos, Ekonomikos ir finansu valdymo fakultetuose).
It is to avert such a catastrophe that African governments, especially those in the MRU and Ecowas regions, have been collaborating with the UNDP African Bureau in exploring strategies to involve the youth more actively in the peace and development programmes of their countries.
The MRU has been and could be used for conventional and unconventional recruitment events.
The others would win contracts during the postwar era, when the MRU launched additional competitions favoring public works firms.
Tobee Wreh Sudieh said the third MRU Youth Parliament Liberia-Chapter's regular session is scheduled for this weekend in Tubmanburg, Bomi County.
MRU VSF studentai, busimieji statutiniai pareigunai, I kurse turi galimybe pasirinkti laisvai pasirenkama moduli Fizinis rengimas, o II ir III kursuose jiems vyksta privalomi Kovines savigynos praktiniai uzsiemimai.
TT EELLEDUU CY MRU day guide wweeeekkeenndd PPOOSSTT yyoouurruullttiimmaatteelliiffeess ttyylleemmaaggaa zziinnee tt vv wwaalleess ssuuppppoorrtteeddbbyDaily Post, Saturday July 11 2009