MRVPMassachusetts Rental Voucher Program
MRVPMinor Rule Violation Plan (stock market)
MRVPMethyl Red, Voges-Proskauer
MRVPMean Right Ventricular Pressure
MRVPMaribyrnong River Valley Project (Australia)
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The MRVP is Maltas residency by investment programme whereby the main applicant must have an annual income of not less than 100,000, and must also acquire or rent a property besides investing 250,000 in Government stock.
However, HR, MRVP, MLVP, LVCO, and RVCO were significantly different from baseline, which persisted until 2 h after ROSC for HR and MRVP (HR, P = 0.
5 times that of baseline, and CVP also increased, (3) MRVP increased more than three times (the decrease in MLVP and dp/dt[sub]max indicated no blood filling in the left ventricle, while CO could not be measured), (4) PetCO2 decreased and could not be measured, while PaCO[sub]2 increased, and (5) CTPA showed obstruction of the pulmonary artery, which is the gold standard for diagnosis of PTE.
sup][31] In our model, MRVP and PaCO[sub]2 remained different from baseline for both CA and ROSC at immediately, 1 h, and 2 h after ROSC, demonstrating a high pulmonary vascular resistance and presence of a dead space.
For further confirmation biochemical tests were performed such as indole test, catalase test, triple sugar iron test and MRVP test.
Also catalase test, MRVP, indole test, urease test, citrate utilization test, Hydrogen sulphide production test, carbohydrate fermentation test with utilization of sugars like glucose, lactose were performed for all the isolates and the results were recorded (Pandey et al.