MRWCMerrimack River Watershed Council (Lowell, MA)
MRWCMoorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre (Slinfold, England, UK)
MRWCMicrowaves, Radar, and Wireless Communications (Conference)
MRWCMargaret River Wine Club (Australia)
MRWCMain Rural Workers Coalition (farmworkers)
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The MRWC led hard-fought legislative, regulatory and public relations campaigns (including the spectacularly successful New England Coastal Campaign's "Terrible Ten" campaign to eliminate bad water development projects, prevent wetlands destruction, address inadequate sewage treatment, and stop destructive highway expansions) and participating in litigation sponsored by other environmental organizations.
In the East, while groups like the MRWC and WRWA work closely with various governmental entities including NRCS, those government entities do not control the formation of the councils and they do not certify the councils for funding, as happens in Oregon and Washington and increasingly among federal agency funding programs.
Many of the older Eastern groups--and again, the MRWC is typical--were initially single-issue groups with narrow geographic and issue foci.
(40.) The author served as Executive Director of the MRWC and oversaw these activities in 1988-89.
The focus of the project is to strengthen institutional support and to guide the MRWC with the objective to improve the organization and procedures to a distribution company water customer focused.
With a goal to educate the public about water supplies, the MRWC, a nonprofit group, has been around for more than 30 years.
As a result of the large turnout during their last public paddle, the council is now asking participants to preregister by calling the MRWC at (978) 248-9491.
Now aged 14, he visits various functions such as tonight's to help raise awareness of, and funds for, the MRWC. A charity auction, will take place after racing.
For more information on the MRWC please contact Graham Oldfield on 01424 892266.
Back at MRWC, despite every possible measure to re-establish his confidence, Graham Oldfield reached the same conclusion.
I firmly believe that MRWC, like Carrie Humble's establishment, provides an outstanding service to the racing industry.
But how are MRWC and its fellow establishments, to be financed?