MRWEMicrosoft Runtime Windows Environment (Absoft Fortran IDE)
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Recognizing that love and wisdom work in tandem like yin and yang is a key characteristic of Mahayana Buddhism, a concept Julia Martin suggests is the primary concern of MRWE ("Seeing a Corner" 58).
Likewise, his poem includes dialogue between the poet and a spirit figure and mentions Vimalakirti's "one small room" (MRWE 142, 140, 146)--recall his "one-room shack" at the beginning of "On Vulture Peak." And, as with "On Vulture Peak," "The Mountain Spirit" also "somewhat follows the No [sic] play ...
If we indeed recognize that Snyder's mature "lifetime" work culminates with Mountains and Rivers Without End, a poem he calls a "sort of sutra--an extended poetic, philosophic, and mythic narrative," then we must see the initial "flows of energy" of its "genesis" in "On Vulture Peak" (MRWE 158).