MRWGMilwaukee River Work Group (Wisconsin)
MRWGMarine Reserves Working Group (various agencies)
MRWGMelbourne Romance Writers Guild (est. 1991; Australia)
MRWGMission Requirements Working Group
MRWGMorgan Run Watershed Group
MRWGMultilateral Refugee Working Group (advocacy group; Jordan and Israel)
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But back in 1998, the economy was booming, dotcoms were hot and mortgage disclosure reform cooled off despite the recommendations and the efforts of the MRWG.
The other difference is that the public was disinterested and disengaged during earlier attempts (e.g., the Negotiated Rulemaking and the MRWG).
In 2001 CINMS and CDFG developed a preferred alternative based on the work of the MRWG and advisory panels and presented this to the CFGC (California Department of Fish and Game, 2006:64).
Within the MRWG, there has emerged a consensus that six major issues exist: 1) disclosure; 2) substantive protection against abuse; 3) foreclosure relief/loss mitigation; 4) referral fees; 5) penalties and remedies; and 6) state law preemption.
The MRWG has devoted substantial discussion to this issue, with no complete consensus to show for it.
Referral fees refers to whether there is any need to preserve RESPA's referral fee restrictions if disclosure is handled in the way being considered by the MRWG. The theory is, if required loan-related services are no longer seen as being delivered to the consumer for their consumption, then how the originator obtains them and whether any referral fees are paid should not matter.